Final Schedule

We will not have another face-to-face meeting this semester. Thanks for being a fun class. Don’t forget to complete course evaluations. They are online.

There is no class on 12/5 (nor Thanksgiving obviously). Turn in your final assignment by editing and adding it to the wiki. If you have questions feel free to email me. You need to register and ask to join the wiki in order to edit. If you fail to gain access you will not be able to submit your final. The final is 30% of your grade and you are unlikely to pass if it’s not turned in. If you cannot add your page to the wiki for whatever reason, email it to me. I’ll accept it but there will be a 10% reduction for not following the directions but much better than a zero.

If anyone has missing work and I have discussed or emailed you with a plan for submitting it you need to do that before 12/5. Missing work will become a zero and have a huge impact on your grade. It only takes a few zeros to end up failing (although a few missing discussion posts alone won’t sink you).

As always, email me if you have questions.


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