Google Project Update

These are graded. Given the issues everyone had, I graded these pretty much just on submission. If all the pieces were there you got full points. For the most part, everyone did a good objective and your tours turned out fine.



You should have received an email with a link to complete course evaluations. If not, you can complete the course evaluations online at the following link: Wed, Dec 4th is the last day to do evaluations. They are not released to faculty until after final grades are posted.

Final Schedule

We will not have another face-to-face meeting this semester. Thanks for being a fun class. Don’t forget to complete course evaluations. They are online.

There is no class on 12/5 (nor Thanksgiving obviously). Turn in your final assignment by editing and adding it to the wiki. If you have questions feel free to email me. You need to register and ask to join the wiki in order to edit. If you fail to gain access you will not be able to submit your final. The final is 30% of your grade and you are unlikely to pass if it’s not turned in. If you cannot add your page to the wiki for whatever reason, email it to me. I’ll accept it but there will be a 10% reduction for not following the directions but much better than a zero.

If anyone has missing work and I have discussed or emailed you with a plan for submitting it you need to do that before 12/5. Missing work will become a zero and have a huge impact on your grade. It only takes a few zeros to end up failing (although a few missing discussion posts alone won’t sink you).

As always, email me if you have questions.

Missing Assignments

Because I won’t see you until next week (remember, alternative class assignment for tonight – no class meeting) I thought I’d encourage you to double check your assignments. I’m missing several. If you did it but have either a zero or no score in the grade book it’s because I cannot find your assignment. If you turned it in, make sure you double check the share settings in Google Drive. Also, for videos, some of them are not accessible. Please see the comments in the digital story assignment post.

An Experiment

We are going to do a little activity in class tomorrow (8/29). I need a few people to bring a laptop if can. Doesn’t matter what kind, just bring one if you can and no worries if you can’t or don’t have one.

Also, you will all be first graders tomorrow so do your best to get into character. Remember, first graders are not unruly, loud, or inattentive. Instead, they are curious, inquisitive and energetic. They are risk takers and willing to try new things. They want to know things.

Finally, I may be running a few minutes late. Please don’t take off if I’m not there right away.

Welcome and Overview

Greetings everyone and welcome to the fall 2013 session of EDU 261. To begin, this is our class website. While not an online class, I do use an online space to post assignments, share information and encourage discussions. You will notice there are several tabs along the top of the page for things like “course outline” and “syllabus”. The first thing you should do is familiarize yourself with the syllabus. It will give you a good idea of what you will be doing this semester and some of my expectations. The course outline is a generic overview of the course but changes each semester a bit as I continually refine the class and update content but it will help you get a sense of the class.

Also, please read over this introduction/overview document which will tell you a bit more about me, my philosophy and my approach to the course.

My teaching style is more inquiry-based and constructivist. I try to model a 21st century approach to teaching. Students sometimes find this frustrating. They are used to lecture and discussion formats. However, as future/current teachers you need opportunities to experience 21st century learning so that you can better implement a 21st century approach in your own classrooms. Of course, as a college level course on teaching it is not always possible to use this approach, but be open to new experiences and new approaches to learning. Expect to be asked to discover and explore rather than being told. Step outside your comfort zone and take risks. I don’t grade on right/wrong answers, but on effort, problem-solving, reflective thinking, and exploration.

Finally, there are a couple websites that we’ll spend some time with and it would be good to go ahead and set up some accounts if you don’t already have them. The first is Google Drive (formerly called Google Docs). If you use Gmail you have this already so no worries. If not, go to and create an account. There is also a tab above that tells you more about Google Drive. Also go to and set up an account there too (use the same email as your Google Drive for simplicity). This will give you a blog of your own and we’ll spend time learning more about using one. This course website is an example of a blog on WordPress. Don’t worry if you run into problems. We’ll spend time on this in class but you’ll be ahead of the game if you can do this before our next class.

Once you have your WordPress account set up, take a moment to post a comment here telling us a little about you, your interests, you hopes/fears for this course, etc. Again, welcome. If you have questions, feel free to post them here and I’ll respond.