Course Outline

I am continually revising the course materials and projects. Below is a general outline of the units and assignments. Specifics for each assignment, article links, due dates, submission guidelines, etc. will be posted on the home page. You can click the assignments link to quickly find all posts related to graded assignments. Please use this page as a general guide to the overall course.

Unit 1 – 21st Century Teaching and Learning

  • Syllabus overview
  • Set up a personal blog to be used for reading reflections and discussions (see
  • Getting a grip on 21st century skills – ISTE and P21
  • Chapters 1 and 2 from Instructional Technology and Media for Learning (link provided)

Unit 2 – Uses of Technology

  • Discuss 21st century learning readings.
  • Understanding literacy, adaptive and transforming uses of technology (Bernajean Porter)
  • Video assignment – Ken Robinson, Sugata Mitra, and others
  • Learning more about WordPress and Google Docs

Unit 3 – Observing and Reflecting on Technology Integration

  • Florida Technology Matrix
  • Classroom observations – student and teacher behaviors in entry and transforming settings
  • Project – compare/contrast tech in classrooms (Florida videos) and write up and share via Google Docs

Unit 4 – Technology and Information Literacy

  • Discuss standards and what teachers need to do to meet them.
  • Writing educational objectives (see post TBA).
  • Explore and evaluate various ed tech/21st century skills websites (links to be provided)
  • Reading assignment – High School Research and Critical Literacy: Social Studies with and Despite Wikipedia” by Harouni, Houman in Harvard Educational Review; v79 n3 p473-494 Fall 2009.
  • Project – Digital Storytelling Video

Unit 5 – Research in the Internet Age

  • Reading assignment – What it Means to Ban Wikipedia (link provided)
  • Understanding web domains
  • Understanding the research process
  • Project – Mini-lesson shared via Wikispaces and presented in class

Unit 6 – FREE Software

  • Reading assignment – It’s Time to Consider Open Source by Jay Pfaffman (link provided)
  • More Free tools. What is FLOSS.
  • Preparing for your software demo (each person will pick an application (web or desktop) that has educational potential to review and present to the class – more info to come).
  • Project – create tutorial in WordPress and share

Unit 7 – Becoming a 21st Century Teacher

  • Tying it all together
  • Reading assignment – The Difference Engine: chaps 5 & 6 (food for thought)
  • Project – final integrated lesson plan. Must be Submitted using Google Docs and shared with me.